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India: what can it teach us?

India: what can it teach us?

The collection of lectures of F. Max Müller portrays India, specially, the Vedic India, as an epitome of virtuosity & morality, whose glory is equal if not greater to the classical Greek or Roman Civilizations. Müller urges the Westerners to come out of their supreme colonial mindset & admire & adopt the multidimensional efficacy that is inherent in India. He espouses an amazing depth of love & reverence for India, & highlights such positive aspects about her that it compels the reader to look at his or her own country in a different positive light

Max Mueller’S Eloquent Writing Could Open Doors For Prospective Students Of Indian History And Culture In India.


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India: what can it teach us? PDF
Language : English
Author :  F. Max Müller

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