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Kabir and the Kabir Panth

kabir and kabir panth

The Kabir Panth is a philosophy and religious community of India encompassing a wide spectrum of beliefs, traditions and practices based on the teachings of Kabir. Its adherents are of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain ancestry. Kabir Panthis observe sanctity and purity in their daily lives and behavior. The foundation of their belief and practice is Dharma, or “the natural Law of life”, Satya, or “The primordial and eternal truth”, Ahimsa, or “Non-violence towards all beings through word and deed”, Bhakti, or “Devotional love for god and a higher spiritual reality”, Sraddha, or “Faith and unswerving loyalty”, Asteya, or “Neither hoarding nor coveting”, Kshama, or “Forgiveness and patience”, Daya, or “Compassion, mercy, and conquering feelings of cruelty and insensitivity towards all beings”, Shaucha or “Purity in body, mind and speech”, Aparigraha, or “Limiting possessions to what is necessary and being non-materialistic”, Anekantvada, or “Acceptance of different beliefs and the multiplicity of viewpoints”, Vishwa Bandhutva, or “The universal brotherhood of all beings” and Atma Gyan or “The awareness of ones true self, which is no different from the one true reality which pervades in everyone, thus making everyone the one and only true reality”. These basic set of guidelines gives Kabir Panthis an all-encompassing formula for Love, Humility, Compassion and Unity. A Kabir Panthi lay person is called a Bhakt and priests are addressed with the honorific title of Mahant.

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Kabir and the Kabir Panth
Language : English
Author : Westcott, G. H.

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