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Life of Shivaji Maharaj – Founder of the Maratha Empire

Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj

Life of Shivaji Maharaj – Founder of the Maratha Empire is a biography on life and work of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj. This book is in english. One more biogrpahy written in marathi is also listed below.

Shivaji Bhonsle, also known as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, was an Indian warrior king and a member of the Bhonsle Maratha clan. Shivaji carved out an enclave from the declining Adilshahi sultanate of Bijapur that formed the genesis of the Maratha Empire. In 1674, he was formally crowned as the Chhatrapati ( Monarch) of his realm at Raigad.

Shivaji established a competent and progressive civil rule with the help of a disciplined military and well-structured administrative organisations. He innovated military tactics, pioneering the guerrilla warfare methods (Shiva sutra or ganimi kava), which leveraged strategic factors like geography, speed, and surprise and focused pinpoint attacks to defeat his larger and more powerful enemies. From a small contingent of 2,000 soldiers inherited from his father, Shivaji created a force of 100,000 soldiers; he built and restored strategically located forts both inland and coastal to safeguard his territory. He revived ancient Hindu political traditions and court conventions and promoted the usage of Marathi and Sanskrit, rather than Persian, in court and administration.

Read the books in english and marathi on the below link. Free PDF is also available on these links.

Life of Shivaji Maharaj – Founder of the Maratha Empire
Author : Takakhav, N. S. (Nilkant Sadashiv)
Language : English

Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj
Author : Dr. P.N. Deshpande
Language : Marathi

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