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Philosophical Essays by Surendranath Dasgupta

Surendranath Dasgupta

Philosophical Essays by Surendranath Dasgupta


  1. Idealism in Gentile
  2. International Morality
  3. Approach to Metaphysics
  4. Some Aspects of Buddhist Philosophy
  5. Croce and Buddhism
  6. General Introduction to Tantra Philosophy
  7. Yoga Psychology
  8. Philosophy of Vasvbandhu in Vimsika and Trimsika
  9. Dogmas of Indian Philosophy
  10. Some Implications of Realism in the Vedanta
  11. Message of Buddhism
  12. Yoga Theory of the Relation of Mind and Body
  13. Epistemology of the New School of Logic in Bengal
  14. Maya of Sankara and His Followers
  15. Meaning of Culture
  16. A Hindu View of Religion

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Philosophical Essays by Surendranath Dasgupta
Language : English
Author : Surendranath Dasgupta

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