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The Butterfly Effect

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It is said that small causes can have large effects. Yes we are talking about The Butterfly Effect. We believe in this theory because we experience it daily. In a place like Mumbai, when we see long queues for buses and taxis, it is not hard to realize that there is a traffic jam somewhere which has resulted into more traffic on alternate routes which in turn have caused buses to not arrive on time hence effecting everything else like a chain reaction. Same goes with the trains. Everything is linked!

“Man is by nature a social animal & society is something that precedes the individual.” said Aristotle.

We are all a part of society. This society includes our family, relatives, friends, colleagues, etc. Some of us associate ourselves to certain communities based on the thoughts, religion, region, race, aims, objectives, etc.  This world is full of such communities but these are again fundamentally considered as societies. So it is safe to think that our planet earth is itself a big society in which these small societies continuously interact with each other. Again everything is linked!

Generally we are happy when we receive love and care from the society that we live in. We expect good people near us, 24 hours water & electricity supply at home, various amenities around us, good weather, no traffic, and lot more that makes our lives comfortable. Note that we are only talking about “OUR” expectations here from the society. We are only thinking about “What can we get from the society?” If we get everything that we desire then we consider that we have a happy life.

Now think and ask this question to yourself that how many times you have voluntarily given something back to the society? Normally we give when we see an opportunity. Example we see a blind man struggling to cross a road and we realize that he needs help and we provide it. What follows next is that we feel good & the man feels good as well. Helping others is always a win-win situation right? It is a sign of progress. Helping is a way you can give back to society. How many times we have missed the opportunities to give back? We miss it a lot of times. This is because we normally provide help only if the opportunity does not take us out of our comfort zone. Now again ask this question to yourself that how many times you have actually given something back to the society by coming out of your comfort zone?. Examples – adopting a child, adopting a farmer / village, working against child / woman abuse, working for health & comfort of underprivileged, conservation of natural resources, etc. Participating in these things needs a brave heart. So we do not normally go out of our way to support these noble causes unless someone you know is suffering. Not everyone is able to show empathy to the people who suffer. But if we already know that everything is linked, then if one part of society is affected it will surely affect its other parts. And even if we are living a happy & comfortable life it will affect us too sooner or later. So in a way helping others is helping ourselves to live a comfortable life.

Every human being is good by nature and hence every one of us wants to help. But not everyone is always capable to render help. Reasons could be as follows:

1. We don’t know who needs help.

2. We don’t know how to help.

3. We don’t have time and resources to help.

4. We feel that it’s not one man’s job to help.

So what is the solution?

The only help worth giving is freeing from the need for further help. Repeated help is no help at all. The solution is to get together. Alone we can give less but together we can serve wisely. Not everyone is a leader and capable to execute their own ideas independently. We feel more confident if we have like-minded people around us. No authentic help is wasted. We are looking for people who are looking forward to give back to the society. If you think you can join us ask these three questions to yourself –

1. Do you know who needs help?

2. Do you know how to help?

3. Do you have time & resources to help?

If answer is No to any of the above question, then you can contact us and we can go with it together.

Who are we?

We are a group of handful people who want to help humanity and wish to make this world a better place to live. While this is a very ambitious thought and seems impossible to implement, we believe strongly in the Butterfly Effect. We believe that if we are able to do something good to the society, it will also affect other parts of the society in a good way. We are in search of genuine people who can work with us for the greater good.

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