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The reign of religion in contemporary philosophy

The Reign of Religion in Contemporary Philosophy

The reign of religion in contemporary philosophy attempts to show that of the two live philosophies of the present day, pluralistic theism and monistic idealism, the latter is the more reasonable as affording to the spiritual being of man full satisfaction, moral as well as intellectual. It is my opinion that systems which play the game of philosophy squarely and fairly, with freedom from presuppositions and religious neutrahty, naturally end in absolute idealism ;and if they lead to other conclusions, we may always suspect that the game has not been played according to the rules. The current pluralistic systems are the outcome of the interference of reU gious prejudice with the genuine spirit of speculation. In this volume an examination of contemporary philosophy is undertaken with a view to showing how its deviations from the high road of absolutism are all due to the reign of religion in philosophy. Since it is not possible to take each individual thinker or system for examination, I have taken some representative views. Even in their evaluation, I have set to myself the limited task of exposing, through criticism, their absolutistic implications. It may be said that I am open to the charge of lacking in appreciation for, or being unjust to, the great services they have rendered to the progress of philosophy.

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The reign of religion in contemporary philosophy
Language : English
Author : Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

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