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Wisdom of the Sadhu – Teachings of Sundar Sing

wisdom of the sadhu

Wisdom of the Sadhu – Teachings of Sundar Sing – is a book with teachings, poems and biographical information about the Indian Sundar Singh. He was born in a Sikh-family 1889 in Punjab an at the age of 16 he took on the ascetic lifestyle of a sadhu after he was baptized by a Christian missionary. The following years he walked the road of Himalayas. After years of traveling in India, Tibet, and Nepal, Sundar Singh set his sights further afield. In 1919 he journeyed to China, Malaysia, and Japan; in 1920 he toured Australia, England, and the United States, and in 1922 he traveled throughout Europe, holding public addresses in Geneva, Oxford, London, and Paris, and numerous other cities in Germany, Holland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

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Wisdom of the Sadhu – Teachings of Sundar Sing
Language : English
Author : Sadhu Sundar Singh

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